Tmj (Tmd) Therapy In Newmarket

Tmj (Tmd) Therapy In Newmarket ONTmj (Tmd) Therapy In Newmarket, Ontario

TMJ (TMD) Therapy 

TMJ therapy is recommended for resolving injured or debilitated temporomandibular joints, which are essentially the functional parts of your upper and lower jaw bones’ jaw movements. Generally, when patients exhibit dysfunction in their jaw joints, they experience clicking sounds when moving their jaws, or feel pain in their facial muscles when chewing. Patients may also experience limited jaw movement or severe headaches. 

Several factors can trigger TMJ disorders:
Teeth - malocclusions or misalignments 
Serious injury to facial muscles
Clenching and grinding of teeth, commonly while asleep
Chewing or biting hard objects on a regular basis 
Clenching teeth while under stress

The aforementioned factors may not be the definite cause of your TMJ dysfunction, and as the actual causes can be owed to a range of underlying reasons, please inform your doctor of any symptoms related to TMJ before your condition worsens so that we can prepare a proper TMJ treatment plan according to your unique complications. Our dentists will be able to help you alleviate your complications via TMJ therapy. Dr. Gavrilov has extensive training for treating TMJ complications and fabricating Night Guards.  

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Tmj (Tmd) Therapy In Newmarket