Root Canal Therapy In Newmarket Ontario

Root Canal Therapy In NewmarketRoot Canal Therapy In Newmarket ON
Dental pulp, a spongy tissue located in the center of each of your teeth, contains a nerve that extends from each tooth's root to provide vital nutrients to your teeth. The nutrients they deliver are essential for each tooth's growth and development.

When a tooth is inflicted with germs and bacteria, your teeth’s ability to ward off cavities diminishes, enabling infections to spread to your tooth's root, damaging the pulp within throughout its course. The pulp rapidly begins to decay, and without treatment, it may eventually kill the tooth. If you are suffering from symptoms such as swollen gums, toothaches, sensitivity to cold and hot products, a root canal therapy may be necessary.

As part of the root canal treatment, our dentists will effectively remove the abscess, empty and sanitize the resulting void and seal it with a dental filling. Once the fillings are placed and hardened within the void, a dental crown is affixed to the tooth, effectively repairing the tooth. 

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Root Canal Therapy In Newmarket Ontario