Preventative Care in Newmarket Ontario

Preventative Care in Newmarket Ontario

Davisview Dental, Dentist in Newmarket, offers a full spectrum of preventative care services to help you maintain a healthy and dazzling smile for years to come. Our preventative services include:

Teeth Cleaning or Hygiene – Preventative care for the entire family including gentle dental scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatments.

Regular Checkups – Early detection of gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer provides the best chance of successful treatment.

Patient Education – We emphasize patient education & home care, which are the keys to good oral health.   Our state of the art intra oral cameras show areas of concern on a monitor as a visual aid to our patients.

Sports Mouth Guards – Very useful in order to help prevent trauma to your teeth during contact sports. Custom mouth guards, provided by your dentist in Newmarket, can be an excellent way to protect your teeth while playing sports.Unlike uncomfortable, bulky, traditional boil and bite guards, our customized mouth guards offer a comfortable fit and superior protection. They can prevent serious injury and save you a lot of pain.
And as our patient you are entitled to one free sports mouth guard per year!

Preventative Care in Newmarket ON