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Oral hygiene, carried out at home, should include twice-daily tooth-brushing and flossing.

Although routinely maintaining your oral health at home is fine for upkeeping a healthy and beautiful smile in-between dentist visits, it does not compare to the in depth cleaning offered at Davisview Dental's dental office, located in Newmarket.

Our gentle cleaning techniques are followed up with fluoride treatments and additional treatments that help patients prevent or even reverse periodontal (gum) diseases. We can even fill you in on the latest products that are available to help you maintain fresh smelling breath!

Whether you're a first time patient at our office or you’ve overlooked your regular dental checkup appointments, please contact us! Davisview Dental Centre is located in Newmarket, ON. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment or respond to any concerns you may have regarding the hygiene services offered here.

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