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Missing teeth are most often caused by trauma, advanced decay, periodontal disease or genetic defects. Davisview dental provides dentures, which are removable appliances that help to replace missing teeth and restore the beauty of your smile. Our denturist Rafael Gavrilov will begin by taking an impression and a wax bite with specialized tools and materials. Next, your bite relationship is determined- this entails measuring the spaces between your natural teeth, or determining how your jaws relate with each other.
The dentures we provide at our dental office in Newmarket can be customized to replace several missing teeth on the same arch (partial dentures) or can replace all the teeth on an arch (complete dentures). Dentures are fabricated with acrylic and porcelain in order to provide your mouth with a natural look.  Our dentist in Newmarket's Davisview Dental Centre can properly fit you with a denture, which can benefit you in various ways:

- Improve your ability to chew and bite properly
- Dentures support lips and cheeks - The can improve collapsed facial features
- Dentures can improve speech, enabling you to pronounce certain sounds more easily
- Aesthetic improvements may boost patient's confidence when speaking and smiling, improving the mental well-being of patients 
- Our Dental team includes a denturist on staff!

To know more review our patient education menu or contact us now for any questions, or concerns regarding your new dentures in Newmarket. We will be happy to hear from you!

You can also request a consultation with our denturist by requesting an appointment, at our dental office, by clicking here.

Our Dental team includes a denturist on staff!

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