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Having missing teeth potentially reduces the overall strength of your bite and can be the cause of difficulties that arise when smiling, chewing or biting down. Davisview Dental, in Newmarket, provides dental bridges that work to replace spaces between teeth, caused by a missing tooth / or several missing tooth. A bridge is false tooth that is attached to what is known as a pontic, which is what is affixed to the neighbouring teeth’s two crowns. These two anchoring teeth are known as abutment teeth.

Dental bridges are supported either by dental implants or natural teeth, and are fashioned from the same type of components used for other restorative treatments (alloy, gold, silver or porcelain). 

Preparing teeth for the placement of a bridge, in most cases, involves two appointments. The first appointment will consist of preparing the tooth- The dentist will start by taking impressions, and making a provisional (temporary) bridge, and the second appointment, to be booked when healing has occurred, is when we will attach the lab fabricated bridge.

If you have any questions about tooth preparations, impressions, or provisional restorations for bridges, please feel free to contact our Newmarket dentist. We will be happy to hear from you!

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