Dental Bonding In Newmarket

Dental bonding or composite bonding allows our dentist to make cosmetic as well as structural improvements to our patients' teeth. Bonding can dramatically improve the look of a patient's smile in as little as one appointment.

What is dental bonding?
Bonding is a procedure whereby a dentist adheres tooth-coloured materials (composed of a composite resin) to teeth. Bonding can be used to repair a tooth that has decayed, become stained, chipped, broken, or that simply requires cosmetic improvements.
Using the composite resin, our dentist sculpts the bonding-resin directly into place, somewhat like a sculptor uses clay to create sculptures, effectively making cosmetic alterations to our patient’s teeth without resorting to labwork. The dentist will then carefully overlook the dental work and ensure that it hardens according to your desired results. Once hardened, the dentist or a hygienist will provide you with care instructions for your restoration in order to maintain them for as long as possible.

Contact our Newmarket dentist to discuss whether bonding could improve your smile. We will be happy to hear from you!